Site Evaluation Summary

For my site evaluations, I did three History and Physicals on several different patients. One patient had a family history of breast cancers and had a benign fibroadenoma that was found on physical exam years ago. A new breast mass was found on her new physical exam and a breast core biopsy, as well as genetic testing, was recommended. The second patient had his initial visit with the doctor. Going through the visit, the patient mentioned that he tests his blood sugar daily and that the numbers he was getting was very high. The third patient was a young woman who presented with complaints of anxiety and depression that stemmed from a truncated family upbringing. During my first site evaluation, my site evaluator was pleased with my first H&P and the variety of drug cards that I had. The second site evaluation mirrored the first one. My site evaluator enjoyed reading about my journal article about ultra-processed foods that led to an increase of diabetes mellitus 2 across the world, and what could be done about it. All in all I really think I did well with my site evaluations for this rotation.

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