Site Evaluation Summary

For my site evaluations, I did my cases on a patient who has a varicocele, an atypical presentation of COVID, and a patient who had 4 months of fevers on and off that turned out to have community acquired pneumonia. The patient who had the varicocele did not have any abdominal tenderness, which both my attending and I thought was interesting when the patient mentioned his abdomen was hurting. That interaction made me reconsider how broad the differential diagnoses needed to be. Both of my site evaluations were done as group evaluations in person at school. As a group, we were tested on each other’s drug cards, round-robin style. We discussed indications, contraindications, and adverse effects of a multitude of different drugs in many different fields (including antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, GI drugs, and many more). Comments on my first site evaluation told me that I was using a SOAP note format, but was using a more extensive approach to my history and physicals. I was taking the more exhausting H&Ps we were used to doing and mixing them along the SOAP note format. I revised the H&P for my second site evaluation to follow more of a H&P format. I also needed to format my HPI to include pertinent information together in the paragraph, and not interspersed throughout.

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