HPDP – Diet and Exercise Plan

Bruce Sussman is a 25 y/o male who is looking to lose weight. He has a PMH of asthma that is controlled with an inhaler.

Diet plan

Cut out the breakfast sandwich from Dunkin’ and try to add low fat or skim milk to the coffee instead of half and half. If the need for a sandwich does come, try only having half the sandwich and saving the rest for another time

Taco Bell is somewhere you should go once in a while. They have tacos that you can add tomatoes and lettuce to and they have vegetarian options if the need for some Taco Bell strikes

Snacking healthy at work will do wonders. Cookies and cakes add unnecessary sugars into your body. Baby carrots or some celery with some hummus dip could be a great alternative

With dinner drinking a glass or two of water beforehand will limit your consumption of food so you’ll feel full and eat a smaller portion without even thinking about it

Going out to eat can be fun, but also somewhat costly (both to your wallet and nutritional needs). Blue Apron and Fresh Direct have dinners you can make at home with a step-by-step guide. You can have half the entre for dinner and then have half for lunch the next day

Try to integrate more vegetables and fruits (strawberries, blueberries, and the like) into your diet. Those will satiate that sweet tooth you might have

Having one drink at dinner that you can chase with some water might leaving your feeling fuller longer and having less alcohol before the night is done

Exercise plan

Biking 3-5 miles is a great start to a healthier lifestyle. Changing up the terrains so you can go up hills will require you to exercise a little harder so you work out your heart a little bit more

Wearing a knee brace and taking a brisk walk will also get your heart pumping

Getting off of the subway a stop earlier or parking further from a restaurant or your office will add more exercise to your day

If you’re still having problems with your knee swimming will give you all of the benefits with less instances of knee pain. Swimming works out many muscle groups and it’s a lot of fun

Latin music is something you enjoy so you can try out some salsa dancing or join a Meetup at a dance club

At work, I would try to standup and walk around or do some stretches when there is down time

I would follow up with Bruce in 2-3 weeks and see how the diet and exercise plans were impacting his life and adjust accordingly. If it was too much too fast, I would tell Bruce to implement a couple of the bullet points on each plan and then work his way up.

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